2018 Etygram Conference

Program of the 2nd International Conference

on Etymological Theories and Practice in Greek

Thursday, September 27

  • 14h-17h. Egascol event
  • 19h. Concert by Musiques présentes (Greek program)

Friday, September 28

  • 9:00: Welcome & introduction (A. Zucker)
  • 9:30. D. Sedley (invited speaker).  Etymology in Plato’s Sophist
    • 10:20-10:40. Coffee break
  • 10:40. I. Sluiter. “Anchoring discourses: etymology, genealogy, and the opening riddle of the Cratylus”
  • 11:20. J. Katz. “Cratylan Particularities“
    • 12:00. Lunch
  • 14:00. R.G. Edmonds. “The Song of the Nightingale:  Word Play on the Road to Hades in Plato’s Phaedo“
  • 14:40. R. Hunter & R. Laemmle. “Pulling Apollo apart“
    • 15h20-15h40. Coffee break
  • 15:40. E. Peraki Kyriakidou. “The Role of Etymology in the Formation of a Symbol: The Case of Hermes”
  • 16:20. T. Polychronis. “Etymology as Explanation in Hellanicos of Lesbos”
  • 17:00. N. P. Grintser. “‘True’ and ‘false’ names in Euripides’ Iphigeneia in Aulis“

Saturday, September 29

  • 9:00. R. Maltby (invited speaker). “The influence of the Greek Stoic tradition on the etymological theory of Varro”
  • 10:00. C. Le Feuvre. “L’étymologie scindée et la hiérarchisation des traits sémantiques“
    • 10:40-11.00. Coffee break
  • 11:00. N. Rousseau. “La place des explications « étymologiques »  dans la lexicographie médicale grecque“
  • 11:40. M. Chriti & E. Tsolakopoulos. “The philosophy of etymology in the Περ τυμολογιν of Orion of Thebes”
    • 12:20. Lunch
  • 14:20. P. Belenfant. “L’étymologie des épithètes divines dans les Hymnes de Callimaque”
  • 15:00. D. Krausmuller. “Etymology Applied: Patriarch Methodius' Exegesis of Names of Saints”
    • 15:40-16:00. Coffee break
  • 16:00. J. M. Hudson. “Ridentem dicere verum: the Power of Humor in Plutarch’s (and Varro’s) Etymologies“
  • 16:40. A. Karanika. “Etymologizing Ancient Games: Performance and Theory of Etymology“